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It is important to know that there is no automatic rule that the children should live with either the mother or the father following a separation.

What if we have already agreed on parenting arrangements?

There is no requirement that you need to formalise this agreement with the Family Court. However if you both wish to do so, then you can file a Consent Agreement with the Family Court.

And if we cannot decide where the children are to live?

If the parents cannot agree on child custody and support, between themselves, who the children shall live with, then the Family Court can make Parenting Orders.

What are Parenting Orders?

Parenting orders may outline:

who the child lives with (custody);
the time a child spends with the other parent (access);
how a child is to spend special occasions, including Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day;
the extent a child can communicate with another parent and the means for doing so; and
whether other life issues, such as health care, schooling and religion are to be considered jointly or unilaterally.
Do I need a Family Lawyer?

When making arrangements for your children, there are many issues to consider. Adelaide Divorce Lawyers can help you to understand these child support issues in the context of your separation and ensure that all factors relating to your children are given priority. For more information on child support and family mediation in Adelaide please fill out our enquiry form or contact us to make an appointment.

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