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Property Settlement Lawyer Adelaide


Division of Property and Assets
Adelaide Divorce Lawyers also has a team of property lawyers in Adelaide who specialise in division of property and assets.

The Family Court has wide discretion in making Orders as to how it may distribute the assets, financial resources and superannuation of the parties. The Court will not make any Orders unless, in all of the circumstances, the Orders are just and equitable.

What does the Court look at when making property orders?

There are basically four steps in determining property settlement.

Ascertain and value the property.
Assess the financial and non-financial contributions from the parties towards the acquisition, conservation and improvement to the property.
Consider the parties present and future circumstances to ascertain whether there should be adjustment to the financial entitlement.
After having considered all of the above matters, the Court then has very wide discretion to make the Order that it considers proper and that in all circumstances is just and equitable.

What if we have reached an agreement?

When an agreement has been reached, Adelaide Divorce Lawyers property lawyers in South Australia  can advise you on the most appropriate way of formalising your agreement in order to provide security for your future.

And if we cannot reach an agreement?

When an agreement cannot be reached, our experienced staff can provide representation in the Family Court. They will also advise you of your likely property division with the aim of helping you achieve a fair and reasonable property settlement.

To find out more about what the Court will look at when making property orders, fill out our enquiry form or contact us to make an appointment with one of our property lawyers.

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Divorce Law in South Australia

If you are facing divorce, then know that amidst all the pain, you will learn many important lessons, including the following.

It is unlikely that you entered into your marriage expecting a divorce. Things happen that you just can’t expect, and that is something that you will learn through your divorce proceedings, as part of our Divorce lawyers Adelaide process.¬†

You might not feel like it right now, but you are strong. You might feel like you need to crumble and cry multiple times a day right now, but you will see yourself enduring with a strength and grace you have never seen in yourself before. This is a lesson that will carry you through many other important challenges in your life.

As you see things in your life change so drastically, you will learn what your mistakes were in the past with your priorities. This experience will teach you important lessons on how to better set your priorities in the future.

The pain you are feeling now is harsh, but it is also not new. Your experience with divorce will help you understand what others around you are going through. This empathy can be a good platform for support and change.

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